• Victory Day Short Tour 24 – 29/07/2014

    Duration: 06 Days 05 Nights - Price $1850

    Take an extraordinary journey into DPRK North Korea during this 61st anniversary of the end of the Korean War and have a different perspective of this important but “forgotten”...

  • DPRK Discovery 01 – 08/06/2014

    Duration: 08 Days 07 Nights - Price $2100

    As a relative newcomer to adventure travel, exploring the mysterious North Korea (also known as DPRK) often feels like setting foot on a foreign, untouched...

  • DPRK Train Tour 03 – 10/05/2014

    Duration: 08 Days 07 Nights - Price $2100

    Get a deep insight into DPRK on private train could be an experience of...


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During the tours, all meals are provided and included. You will have chance to enjoy the traditional North Korean food for the major time although there are some opportunities to enjoy ‘Western’ styled foods, especially in Pyongyang itself, and at breakfast. The food standard in the country is generally good and tasteful. Notify us in advance if you are a vegetarian or have other dietary requirements, so we know to arrange accordingly.

There is a full array of beverages, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic, and bottled mineral water is quiet popular. Of the local beers, Taedonggang is the most famous and pleasant one. Soju, the Korean spirit, is chosen and drunk in large quantities, especially by the male Korean guides. The brand Songak is also a noticeable name.

Here below as some example dishes with images:

1. Naengmyon (cold noodles)


2. Bulgogi (traditional Korean beef marinated in a sweet and garlicky soy sauce)


3. Kimchi (pickled cabbage).