• Victory Day Short Tour 24 – 29/07/2014

    Duration: 06 Days 05 Nights - Price $1850

    Take an extraordinary journey into DPRK North Korea during this 61st anniversary of the end of the Korean War and have a different perspective of this important but “forgotten”...

  • DPRK Discovery 01 – 08/06/2014

    Duration: 08 Days 07 Nights - Price $2100

    As a relative newcomer to adventure travel, exploring the mysterious North Korea (also known as DPRK) often feels like setting foot on a foreign, untouched...

  • DPRK Train Tour 03 – 10/05/2014

    Duration: 08 Days 07 Nights - Price $2100

    Get a deep insight into DPRK on private train could be an experience of...


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Koryo Senses Travel & Tours is one of the prime local travel agencies and tour operators specializing in DPRK (North Korea) packaged tours with many years of professional travel service. We offer private tour packages, adventure tours, family tours, with various choices. With us, nothing is impossble for your trips.

We specializes in tailoring privately oriented holidays. We are entirely able to come up tour itineraries of different levels to meet well demands of our valued clients’ unique needs. We can proudly guarantee the quality of our tours because we have close relationship with North Korea Tourism Company.

Contact the staff of Koryo Senses Travel & Tours and let us serve you with the trips of your lifetime.

DPRK Popular Tours

From the DPRK classic to adventure tours, we are ideal tour operator you can trust. We know the regions deeply and...

Best DPRK Tours

We proudly believe that we know DPRK better than anyone else because our packaged tours meet excellently our customers’ demands. Check...

September, 2014

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October, 2014

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November, 2014

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December, 2014

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April, 2014

The April is filled with the array of great days of the country, including “Day of the Sun” or the Birthday...

June, 2014

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February, 2014

This month is highlighted with the birth of great General Kim Jong Il (1942). Besides “the day of the Sun”, this...

January, 2014

The January comes then marks the beginning of the new year in North Korea (DPRK). This times is ideal for any...

March, 2014

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July, 2014

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August, 2014

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May, 2014

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