• Victory Day Short Tour 24 – 29/07/2014

    Duration: 06 Days 05 Nights - Price $1850

    Take an extraordinary journey into DPRK North Korea during this 61st anniversary of the end of the Korean War and have a different perspective of this important but “forgotten”...

  • DPRK Discovery 01 – 08/06/2014

    Duration: 08 Days 07 Nights - Price $2100

    As a relative newcomer to adventure travel, exploring the mysterious North Korea (also known as DPRK) often feels like setting foot on a foreign, untouched...

  • DPRK Train Tour 03 – 10/05/2014

    Duration: 08 Days 07 Nights - Price $2100

    Get a deep insight into DPRK on private train could be an experience of...


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Hi Ethan,

Just want to let you know that we had a wonderful trip to DPRK. The country is so amazing. We love the trip so much and were so sorry we cannot stay longer. Thanks for your excellent job & organization!

We have a very good friend coming to visit us here. Any recommendation for interesting short/day trips are welcome!I recommended your Koryo services to a relative in Krakov who is scheduling a trip in October. Wish you best things!

Lukasz Borniks

Warsaw, Poland, December 08, 2013
Dear Kara,

Hope this email will find you well.
Thanks for arranged a wonderful journey (Pyongyang – Kaesong DMZ – Nampo) to us. We did enjoy it, and love DPRK very much. It by far exceeded what we expected before we arrived.

The guides were very knowledgeable, friendly and courteous. He tried to let us get everything that we hope.We also want to say thank you to the driver, who always keep the van clean & safely sent us to every points.We appreciate with all you done for us. I have no doubt using your services again for my next trip to DRK. See you again.

Warm Regards,
Pablo Menedez

Bogota, Colombia, 07 December 2013

How is your working getting on?
This email is to say thank you for all what you did for us. The DPRK trip you made for us was excellent. Your staff are lovely and very helpful. I did enjoy very much the whole tour and of course will use your services again for my next trip to North Korea with my friends next year.

With all my regards!
Anna Sullivan

London, UK, September 19, 2013
Dear Ethan,

Hope this email will find you well.

Just want to let you know that I had a wonderful time in North Korea. I love it so much. Your staff and their support have been most efficient and competently handled everything which made my trip and stay enjoyable.Our guides were equally passionate in carefully explaining the history and other commentaries which I found delightful.

Thank you for your assistance and my kindest regards.
Daria Fomina

Saint Petersburg, Russia, October 27, 2013
Hello Ethan,

We truly had a marvelous time in North Korea. Thank you so much for your excellent job!

I do hope that we are able to visit North Korea again in the near future.

Nice day to you!
Rajaram Joshi

Kathmandu, Bangladesh ,  17 May 2013
Dear Kim,

We would like to thank you for our wonderful tour in DPRK. We came back two dyas ago and are ready to inform you now as follows.
1. We enjoyed the tour from start to end. It was very well organized and we have enjoyed every minite.
2. The food all along was excellent and so were the hotels and guides.
3. The tour was money worth and we feel that we got our money worth in full.
4. The guides were all very nice and pleasant.

Thank you very much for everything you have done for us!

Best regards,
Beth Sheryl

Vancouver, Canada , September 30, 2013
Hi Kim,

I must say we enjoyed our time with you guys in DPRK. From the online cunsultancy to the end of the trip, you all were wonderful and did gave me a different view of how I see DPRK from outside. We enjoyed our stay at the hotel as well. Thank you for your careful attention to detail and for organizing our trip so well.

Best regards,
Tarun Banerjee

Adelaide, Australia, August 12, 2013
Hi Kim,

I would like to thank you for a wonderful time in DPRK. Our guides, were friendly, knowledgeable, and very courteous. They never made us wait, and always ensured our well being. The tour itinerary was excellent and I will use your services on my next visit to DPRK. Another thank I want to give to my driver. I felt very safe with him behind the wheel.

I look forward to my next visit.

Best regards,
Dinu Taraza

Dr. Dinu Taraza from  Wayne University, USA, September 5, 2013
Hi Kim,We’ve come to expect good advice and reasonable pricing whether it is for a flight or train between cities, accommdation, tour excursions.Your services and hospitality are excellent. We wouldn’t hesitate for a second to book with you again should we return to Asia.

Best regards,
Nancy Spencer

Kent, England, August 30, 2013
Hi Kim,

Koryo Senses Travel & Tours wonderfully organized our full 12 day trip to DPRK in February 2013. All the services were wonderful. DPRK is amazing and the money we spent was worth. I can highly recommend you to my friends and colleagues.

I hope to come back again and look forward to my next visit to DPRK.
Mary Cunningham

Sydney, Australia , August 15, 2013
Dear Ethan,

How are you? Hope all is well.

I arrived back to Bhutan yesterday. We had fantastic trip. Thanks for arranging all for us. We all had great and memorable time in DPRK.We really enjoyed our trip and it was very memorable. I hope to visit DPRK again in future!

Sonam Tshering

Thimphu, Bhutan, May 28, 2013