• Victory Day Short Tour 24 – 29/07/2014

    Duration: 06 Days 05 Nights - Price $1850

    Take an extraordinary journey into DPRK North Korea during this 61st anniversary of the end of the Korean War and have a different perspective of this important but “forgotten”...

  • DPRK Discovery 01 – 08/06/2014

    Duration: 08 Days 07 Nights - Price $2100

    As a relative newcomer to adventure travel, exploring the mysterious North Korea (also known as DPRK) often feels like setting foot on a foreign, untouched...

  • DPRK Train Tour 03 – 10/05/2014

    Duration: 08 Days 07 Nights - Price $2100

    Get a deep insight into DPRK on private train could be an experience of...

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Travel News

North Korea’s supreme leader Kim Jong Un was elected to the highest legislative body without a single dissenting vote against in his district on a 100% turnout, state media reported on Monday. There was no one else on the ballot. North Koreans went to the polls on Sunday to approve the new roster of deputies for the supreme people’s assembly, the country’s legislature. The vote, more a political ritual than an election by Western standards, is generally held once every […]

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North Korea is poised to refurbish and upgrade the central Pyongyang train station, the Japan-based pro-DPRK outlet Choson Sinbo reported on January 21. Kim Soon Ok, director of North Korea’s Railroad Ministry (철도성) told Choson Sinbo that the North Korean government will repair and improve Pyongyang station in order to make it more modern. Kim said that the main building at the station would be improved to meet the “trend of new era”, adding that North Korea was ready to improve […]

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All the hoo-ha that’s surrounded the recent opening of North Korea’s ski resort, framed as it’s been by the western press as the answer to chubby Kim Jong Un’s wont to indulge his Swiss ways, has overlooked the fact that every dollar spent on tourism is a dollar not spent on centrifuges or Mercedes. I’ve been to North Korea many times since 2002, when I first went to research for a guidebook on the land, and genuinely, a tourist ski […]

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